Grow Your own
Think of the Money You'll Save

When you buy the best seeds, growing your own marijuana is fun, satisfying, and ultimately rewarding. You don’t have to be the Wizard of Weed Street to grow super tasty nugs like this delicious strain of Extreme Girl Scout Cookies.

If you’re a beginner or novice grower looking for a fast and easy grow, then you might want to buy autoflowering seeds. The autoflower seeds have no light cycle requirements, even new growers can get awesome results year round.

Getting started is super easy and your order will be shipped quickly, discretely, and with free shipping  to Europe and ALL 50 US States. The hardest part may be deciding which strain(s) you want.

With authentic strains of almost any type of marijuana seed you can think of, Indica Seeds, Sativa Seeds, Hybrid Seeds, High THC Seeds, High CBD, Medicinal Seeds, Feminized Seeds, Autoflowering Seeds…. are you starting to get the picture here?…You’ve landed smack dab in marijuana seed heaven.

Plus, every single order comes with a 100% guarantee that your seeds will germinate.  How could it possibly get any easier to start growing your own marijuana?

Take Your Knowledge to a NEW LEVEL

Have you ever thought of going to Cannabis College or Marijuana School? Seriously, in case you are unaware or think old Bombtoker is messing with you, it does exist, and there is a growing need for skilled and competent workers in the Cannabis industry.

The demand for workers in the cannabis industry has skyrocketed in recent years and months, especially in North America. Did you know there were over 50,000 jobs added to the job market in 2018 by NEW workers in the Cannabis industry?  That’s a lot of new jobs and it doesn’t take into consideration the thousands of people who were already employed and working in the industry

Cannabis, CBD, Marijuana, and Hemp are all now legalized in one form or another in Canada, The United States and Mexico. In 2018 the Supreme Court in Mexico essentially legalized and decriminalized marijuana saying “adults have a fundamental right to personal development which lets them decide their recreational activities without interference from the state.”

Amazing isn’t it? Not that people can actually think for themselves, nothing’s changed there, but now the governments and lawmakers are starting to realize it too. It’s called progress, and it’s exactly what I hoped for, but never expected to witness during this lifetime when I first started toking the sweetleaf thirty something years ago… yet, here we are. But let’s get back on track, we were talking about a revolution in the cannabis industry and all the employment opportunities it’s creating.

Thousands of additional employees just like you are needed for laboratories, cultivation centers & operations, dispensaries, security services, advertising, software, accounting, real estate, customer service, etc., and the demand for workers will continue to increase as state after state legalizes recreational use of marijuana. If you want to get your foot in the door, increasing your knowledge and earning certifications is how you do it. Browse the campus and see the course offerings for yourself. Earning a government and/or industry recognized certification might be just the ticket you need to start a new career in the cannabis industry.

Are You Ready For The Ripper?

Cheech & Chong’s The Ripper Ceramic Vaporizer Kit is part of the Up in Smoke series by the iconic duo. The two have come together again, this time to create their own unique and portable waxy oil vaporizer. The Ripper vaporizer has been especially designed for toking your favorite waxy oils and concentrates while out and about and features a full-ceramic coil-less atomizer for even heat distribution.